Koffin Kats at the Surly Wench, Tucson, Arizona, 8/10/07.

This is one of my favorite photos, although I think a lot of people don’t appreciate the irony as much as I do, because it’s difficult to read Vic’s "Living in Darkness" tattoo. I was struck that he was in the spotlight in a darkened room, which I thought was particularly fitting, as I’ve always thought that Vic has a lot of contradictory qualities…a bit of a living dichotomy. Which I hope I captured here.

Or, come to think of it, maybe they don’t get the irony in the tattoo because they’re too busy staring at Vic’s crack. Which anyone who has been to a KK show has already seen. Many times.


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EDIT: You know, I was not going to elaborate any further on my comments on Vic, but I think I should. I think if you’re going to blog, it’s not enough to scan the surface, but be honest and personal.

I was struck that night by the fact that as the band right before the Koffin Kats was playing, there was Vic, the singer for the headlining band, sitting alone drinking at the bar in a room full of people. (That, by the way, was the shot I SHOULD have gotten.) For a guy in a room full of people who had come out to see him, he looked pretty damn lonely. There’s a lot I can say about Vic –and eventually will because a lot of my favorite photos are of him — but that night was the first time I had really seen that side of him. And that side of "rock and roll" and life on the road.

And I can also honestly say that was what I call my "Sid and Nancy" moment. That moment when fucked up recognizes fucked up. I think it’s fair to say he became one of my favorite muses that night. He can irritate the shit out of me sometimes, but I can never stay mad to him. It’s hard not to love the little fucker.