Photo of the Day – Corpse Show Creeps


This was at the Mad Sin show in Scottsdale in 2007. Quite a long show, and I
shot this set early on, before getting banged up and dehydrated. This
was back when I tried to shoot every band at a show. I’ve since
realized that it’s too much work while I’m there and afterward with the
processing, but I still usually shoot one of the first bands to get
"warmed up" and get my lighting for the night. And sometimes I make
some great discoveries  of  bands I’ve never heard before.

Photo of the Day – The Chop Tops


I had seen the Chop Tops once before this when they opened for Mad
Sin, and don’t get me wrong, they were good then, but this night, they
positively tore shit up. I think when you have a lineup like
these guys, Koffin Kats and the Nekromantix on tour, it really pushes
bands to do their very best. It’s kind of a synergistic effect, where
the sum becomes far greater than the individual parts.

I’m happy to report that unlike the Mad Sin show, I didn’t lose any
memory cards this time. I rather infamously lost the disc at that show
that contained a great chunk of the Chop Tops set and virtually all of
the Koffin Kats set. I went back to Chasers the next day when they
opened, crawling around on that nasty floor looking under the stage
with a flashlight. No go.

I cried like a girl over that. Probably because I am a girl. And
Nick Feratu of The Limit Club called me to make sure I wasn’t going to,
as he put it, "kill myself."

Okay, I know I tend to take it all too seriously, but I’m not THAT bad. Not quite, anyway.

(Trust me, those who know me are laughing right now.)


Photo of the Day – The Chop Tops


When I first started shooting rockabilly and psychobilly, I was
enthralled with the new tricks I saw. I would say to people, "Hey, the
guy was standing on his bass!" and people would be like, "Oh yeah, they
all do that." Or I’d say "Hey, the bass and guitarists switched
instruments!" And of course, the response was, "They all do that."

Well, dammit, they don’t all set the bass on fire. So there you go.
I had to stifle the urge to yell "Great White!" What can I say, I’m a
sick fucker.

Three Bad Jacks at the Clubhouse. Brett has since moved on, and this
is no longer part of the show, but I’m hoping it will come back…