“You can look at that two ways, Diana. You could say I’m a smart guy who solved 92 percent of my cases, or I’m a dumb sh*t who doesn’t know who killed 8 percent of those people. It depends on your point of view.”

Lt. Joe Kenda

“Like I told you again my son is 38. He is really bright, PhD law degree but he can’t watch the show. He says “Mom, if I watched ‘Deadly Women’ I’d never get married” and I used to go “Oh, dear.” But then I started going, “Well, what would be the problem in that?”

Candice DeLong

“We try to choose cases that we think are solvable, and then not try to solve them ourselves because I’m not a cop, I’m just an investigative journalist, but put it out there for people, and give these victims and their families a voice. In all these cases we do the families haven’t had a voice for sometimes twenty, thirty years.”

M. William Phelps

I’m the person that people will call and say, you know what, what the heck let’s just give it a shot. We have nothing to lose at this point… We don’t have to tell anybody we’re using her but let’s see what we can find… That’s kind of how they look at me.

Vicki Monroe