“I actually thought the reaction might be ‘Wow, who is this person who had no backing, who had no label, who had no team, but got so many votes — let’s listen to this music because she must be good.’ That’s kind of what I thought the reaction would be, not ‘Let’s burn her at the stake.'”

Linda Chorney

“I’ve lived this way for so long, but killing yourself on the road for the majority of your life will take a toll on anyone. It’s not a very family-conducive lifestyle. You have to make sacrifices to do it, I know what you mean as far as some people wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I gotta say, I really look forward to slowing down, I look forward to having children, I look forward to having my world turned upside down in a completely massive life change.”

Chuck Ragan

“A lot of people wanted us to just do what we had done with our first album, our most popular album to date, but we wrote some of those songs when we were 12-14 years old. We had no concept of music even. We were just kids in the basement having fun and it kind of went crazy and blew up in our face. We had no expectations at all…we had no idea that things were going to be that crazy. And now I’m 28 years old and 14 years down the road.”

Morgan Landers (Kittie)

“I mean, is a roller coaster exciting every time you ride it? Yes, it is. So is the stage. So is people. So is life.”

Beverly McClellan