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‘Grimm’: Q & A with Silas Weir Mitchell

‘Grimm’: Q & A with Silas Weir Mitchell

(This article originally appeared on on 4/6/12, and is reprinted here as Examiner has stopped publishing and taken down their site.) Grimm has been the surprise hit of the new season for the network, and despite a somewhat challenging Friday night...

What it Means When Your Doctor Recommends Hospice

(This article originally appeared on the Yahoo! Contributor Network) When faced with a life-threatening illness, the word many people fear most is “hospice.” Obviously, it is not a recommendation one wants to hear, but some of those fears are based on myths about what...

Matthew Lillard Dishes on Lightening Up ‘The Bridge’

Matthew Lillard Dishes on Lightening Up ‘The Bridge’

(Reprint of previously published article removed from original site, Matthew Lillard made a name for himself being the jokester in many of his previous roles, including “Scream,” “The Descendents,” and the cult classic, “SLC Punk.” And while he maintains...

Tourist Trap – (road) trippy photography

Tourist Trap – (road) trippy photography

I have driven past this crazy roadside stop about a million times without stopping and decided it was high time to check it out.  When you pull in the driveway it rings a bell and the proprietor followed me in to open up the shop and bathroom. She warned me about the...

First article up at USA Today Travel

First article up at USA Today Travel

I’m officially branching out into the tourism industry with my debut article for USA Today Hanging out in Timbuktu Colorado paid off in having some firsthand info on this topic. Unfortunately, I can’t use my own photos but have to use the stock...

Mad Sin live

Mad Sin live

            I haven’t shot bands regularly for a while now, but I still have archives of RAW images that have never been gone through, like this set from Mad Sin. Here are  just a few I found on a quick scan of the RAW files. I really need to work on editing...