Dec 302013

My latest passion is food photography. This photo was shot in my hotel room at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. I have two rule for staying in nicer hotels (read: NOT Motel 6): Jump on the bed and order room service. Plus then I can shoot my photos without everyone staring at me.

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Dec 262013

My first car show and Photoshop was still a new toy to me, so I sort of went a little crazy with it, as I am usually a realist when I edit a photo. But these cars were creamy, especially this sweet pink Cadillac.

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Dec 252013


I emailed the band asking for photo credentials and an interview and didn’t really expect any response as no one really gave me the time of day except my psychobilly bands. So I’m sitting in the lunchroom of the nursing home I was working at, or the “henhouse” as I called it, listening to hordes of loud women talking about their kids and “American Idol,” and my cell phone rings. I answer it, and I hear, “Hi, this is Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks.”


We arranged to meet up before the show and it was my first interview. I didn’t even have a tape recorder and was frantically trying to scribble his answers. I think I may have apologized about trying to keep up and he told me, “It doesn’t matter. You’re going to write what you want anyway.”

I could not make heads nor tales of what I wrote down later and gave up. And for the record, I got my ass kicked shooting these — I was the only photographer who attempted to shoot this from the front and shot about half the show up front before finally moving to side stage after a guy stage dove on my head, snapping my head back and taking me to the floor. My neck hurt for weeks after that.

Dec 242013


Santarchy is one of the many things that make Detroit one of the most awesome cities on the planet. Yeah, you read that right. But just keep reading all the stories about how the city is dead, because it’s one of the best kept secrets in the country, at least if you’re into music, art and a huge sense of community spirit.

In this case, each year during the holidays, one night is set aside for buses that taxi hordes of drunks from bar to bar  all night, and the only requirement besides the small fee is that you must dress like Santa or an elf. Imagine hordes of drunken Santas and elves descending on your neighborhood bar. And drunken Santa mosh pits.

Detroit rules.

Dec 232013

I got to the venue they were playing that night beforehand to pick my background and set up lights, and had 15 minutes to shoot them as they got off the van. Literally. Thank god for those red booths.

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Dec 222013


This was one of my first fashion shoots and what better background can you get than the desert? Or at least what better one when you live in Phoenix?

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