Tourist Trap – (road) trippy photography

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Mar 152013

I have driven past this crazy roadside stop about a million times without stopping and decided it was high time to check it out.  When you pull in the driveway it rings a bell and the proprietor followed me in to open up the shop and bathroom. She warned me about the mannequin in the bathroom, which is probably a good thing because yes, it probably would have spooked me. Actually it did anyway — I asked her if she was familiar with the movie “Tourist Trap,” which she was.

That 1979 movie featured Chuck Connors as a nut who has this tourist stop full of mannequins that have a nasty habit of moving by themselves and a car load of teenagers start ending up dead. It sounds silly, but it has some really creepy moments. And as I started thinking about the fact this lady knew the film and some of the decor was reminiscent of it, I started hoping she wasn’t a serial killer.

Anyway, I shot these on the monochrome setting so I could see the results in black and white, and using a red “filter.” The red filter darkens the sky and increases contrast, but also increases noise, so even though it’s ISO 200, noise reduction in Photoshop was generously applied. The monochrome filter can be removed in your RAW processing software so you aren’t giving up the color option if you change your mind later. Which I rarely do when it comes to black and white.

License my concert photography through

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Feb 022013

I’m now being represented by Music, based in Germany. You can click Fergilicious and her bandmates above to check it out, although I still have a lot of uploading to do.  There’s also a permanent link to the site in the right sidebar, so you can browse for all kinds of music photography and live concert photography.

First article up at USA Today Travel

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Dec 052012

I’m officially branching out into the tourism industry with my debut article for USA Today Hanging out in Timbuktu Colorado paid off in having some firsthand info on this topic. Unfortunately, I can’t use my own photos but have to use the stock photos available, which weren’t too thrilling to pick from. It isn’t the sexiest thing I’ve ever written, but a huge writing credit to add to my list. Check it out here.

Mad Sin live

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Nov 202012
Mad Sin live

            I haven’t shot bands regularly for a while now, but I still have archives of RAW images that have never been gone through, like this set from Mad Sin. Here are  just a few I found on a quick scan of the RAW files. I really need to work on editing […]

Promos for The Devil Wears Prada

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Jul 082012
Promos for The Devil Wears Prada

For those aspiring to be music photographers, or those just curious, when you get the chance to shoot promos of the bigger bands passing through, you generally get about 15 minutes of the band’s time to get the job done. Mind you, to the lay person, that may sound like a long time for a […]

May 212012
How to make a photographer happy

I got my copies of this month’s Rebel Ink magazine with my Koffin Kats photos, and to say I’m pleased with their use of my work is pretty much the understatement of the century. I can’t remember ever having not one criticism of how photos were used in the past. Ever.

A different kind of wolf, indeed

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Apr 062012

Thanks to my NBC Examiner gig, I got to interview Silas Weir Mitchell of “Grimm” this week. First and foremost, not only do I love this show, but I am convinced his character, Monroe, is the best character on TV right now. To say I was thrilled was an understatement. And I wasn’t disappointed. Normally, […]

New gig as NBC Examiner

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Feb 262012
New gig as NBC Examiner

I’ve added on a new title at as their National NBC Examiner. I freely admit I wanted it to just to get my grubby little paws on “The Voice,” but am enjoying covering some other shows, like “The Biggest Loser,” “Grimm,” and oh yeah, that little show where celebrities try to impress a business […]

The whole world is wild at heart and weird on top

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Feb 022012
The whole world is wild at heart and weird on top

Note: This photo really has nothing to do with the post, other than a homage to random good fortune. But I like pictures so I wanted one on it. I am having the oddest day today. I spent the morning writing up some new articles for my CMT Examiner site when I got off work. […]