More and more I am seeing a disturbing trend in pinup shoots – draping the American flag across the model or letting it touch the ground. I realize this is a generation gap thing, but what people don’t realize is this is a MAJOR breach of flag etiquette, and considered disrespecting the flag. You are NEVER supposed to let the flag touch the ground, (or use it as an article of clothing,) and if it does touch the ground, it must be burned. This is why they have the elaborate folding ceremony of the flag at funerals and when it is taken down.

Now, lest you think no one will care, I can assure you otherwise – I posted about this on a forum and sure enough, heard some tales of people sending troops pinups they thought were patriotic, but actually were deeply offensive to the servicemen for this reason.

So without directly embarrassing those who have made this error simply because they didn’t know better, I am posting it everywhere I can. Please pass on the word to photographers and models alike. I’m sure they would be quite embarrassed to get angry responses from soldiers for using it inappropriately.