The French Postcard Look

It’s no secret I LOVE vintage looks, and one of my favorite eras is the 20s – especially the French postcard look. I collect antique postcards, and would love to do it the old fashioned way with an 8X10 camera, but alas, I have to settle for Photoshop for now. This is a custom Photoshop effect I do, and not an “action” I got from someone else.

Phantom of the Opera Shoot

This was one shoot I did at a large photography/model group gathering in Detroit at the Leland Hotel – a fabulously decaying old hotel that is still in business, and normally has this section of the building closed off to regular guests. But they always give these photography meetup groups free reign, god bless ’em. Simple one light setup for natural vignetting. I had a hard time deciding between the sepia tone, and the color, as the monochromatic set really made that red dress pop!