Matthew Lillard dishes on lightening up ‘The Bridge’

Matthew Lillard made a name for himself being the jokester in many of his previous roles, including “Scream,” “The Descendents,” and the cult classic, “SLC Punk.” And while he maintains that he’s not the “comic relief” in FX’s bleak drama, “The Bridge,” he does bring some much-needed levity to the melancholy mood of the show, albeit a very subtle and dark humor.

Lillard sat down Tuesday in a conference call to discuss his role on the show as Daniel Frye, a reporter — or former reporter, at this point — for the El Paso Times. His character has a knack for getting himself into dangerous waters, and in fact, Daniel was set to die in Season 1, dodging a car bomb and being thrown off the bridge from whence the show gets its name. But the show’s producers, headed by Elwood Reid, apparently decided to keep him around for a while.

We can only hope he’s here to stay, because not only does his character add some great depth and variety to “The Bridge,” but Lillard proved during the media call that he still has his trademark sense of humor, inviting one reporter to go to the prom with him after a particularly complementary question, and telling another his voice sounded like he had been on a 48-hour binge in Las Vegas. And when the reporter told him that was his normal voice, Lillard replied, “Then you’re a lucky, gravelly son-of-a-bitch.”

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The 5 (okay 6) hottest guys on TV

If you appreciate the finer things in life, like fine wine, gourmet cuisine, and testosterone-filled eye candy, you don’t have to go any farther than just turning on your TV for a selection of some of the hottest hunks on the planet. Here are five — actually, make that six — of the coolest hot guys on the small screen.

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‘Homicide Hunter': Joe Kenda discusses the new season and the ones that got away

 Lt. Joe Kenda made a name for himself as a detective by solving 92 percent of the murders that came across his desk during his tenure in the Colorado Springs homicide division. So when sitting down to interview him about the latest season of his Investigation Discovery hit “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda,” one would have to be a little naive to think one will be in the driver’s seat. Kenda took the wheel right off the bat, even before the first proper question, because what you see on TV is what you get in real life. He jumps right in with stories and anecdotes, and still controls an interview whether he’s grilling a suspect, or whether he’s supposed to be the one getting interrogated.He can’t help himself, with so many tales of murder and mayhem. Very few are such natural-born storytellers — or raconteurs, as he refers to himself — and even when Hollywood came calling, Kenda set them straight on who was running the show and how it was going to be done from the get-go. It was his way or the highway for this modern-day Joe Friday, although he denies any more than a passing familiarity with “Dragnet.” But his old-school style harkens back to the classic days of film noir and the likes of fictional detectives like Philip Marlow or Sam Spade.(read full interview here)

‘Penny Dreadful’ is anything but

There are horror films and shows that make you cringe because they’re so predictably bad, roll your eyes at their reliance on cheap “boo” moments, laugh because they’re campy, and make even the most hardcore horror fan squee with delight at their sophisticated creepiness. “Penny Dreadful” falls into the latter category. In spades.

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‘Justified’ recap: Everyone spirals out of control in ‘Weight’

FX is known for giving its shows’ writers the creative freedom to explore their stories from the bad characters’ perspectives — and that’s a good thing — but Tuesday night’s “Justified” seems to have forgotten who their main character is for the second episode in a row. For one episode, you can “justify” making your leading man a guest star in his own series, but now the writers are just going too far.

Nobody puts U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens in a corner.

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Will ‘Fargo’ inspire Billy Bob Thornton to write for TV?

“Fargo” has created a media sensation and was all the rage with fans this summer, but as with anything good, it must come to an end. And as the limited run series draws to a close, star Billy Bob Thornton sat down one more time in a media conference call Friday to talk about the show and whether the accomplished screenwriter might consider trying his literary hand in the TV world.

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Spoilers: The final episode of ‘Being Human’

Syfy’s “Being Human” comes to an end Monday night after a four season run, and you can expect the series to go out with a major bang tonight. Warning: below are spoilers from a preview screening of the finale Monday afternoon.

Expect a Trip Down Memory Lane

There will be reminiscing about the history and the stories over the course of the series in tonight’s finale. Just as fans will be going through a sense of loss at the end coming, so are the characters, as well.

Expect a Sacrifice

One character will make a sacrifice to save another. While that obviously brings more loss and sadness, it also creates a humorous entertaining segment in regards to the character saved.

Yeah, I know how vague I’m being. You don’t really want me to tell all, do you?

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‘Grimm': Q & A with Silas Weir Mitchell

Grimm” has been the surprise hit of the new season for the network, and despite a somewhat challenging Friday night timeslot, the show has been steadily gaining a loyal following, with signs of achieving cult favorite status. With a lead like David Giuntoli, it’s easy to understand a certain aspect to the fan base — the ladies — but if you ask fans of the show why they love it, you get some variation of the same answer again and again:

“I love Monroe!”

Fans are singing the praises of Giuntoli’s sidekick on the series, played by actor Silas Weir Mitchell. If, for some foolish reason, you haven’t tuned into the show yet, the premise is Giuntoli plays a detective who has just discovered he’s a descendant of the Grimms — the legendary folks who penned all those tales as warnings about the beasts they hunted down and killed. Monroe belongs to one species of those monsters and is a “Blutbad” (German for “blood bath”) — a modern day version of the big bad wolf, or a werewolf, if you will.

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‘The Voice': Team Cee Lo’s Juliet Simms says early idol was Christina Aguilera

When Juliet Simms auditioned for “The Voice,” she really didn’t go in with any preconceived notion of what coach she might pick, unlike many contestants. Having said that, it did seem almost a given that if one coach turned around, Simms’ choice would be easy. When the singer was 13, she had one singing idol — Christina Aguilera.

Simms’ audition turned the chairs of Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine, and she picked … Green.

(Insert sound of needle scraping across record here.)

“Any one of them, you’re not going to lose … because they’re all fantastic coaches. But I turned down my freakin’ childhood idol. If my 13-14 year old self saw what I did, she’d be kicking my ass,” Simms laughs. “She would just being going crazy on me, but I just went with my gut.”

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‘Grimm': The lord of the three coins

Grimm” episode 113, “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau,” wove their fictionalized folklore and real history together in their most complex plotline yet, with some key back story for Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli.) They also gave us plenty of loose ends in the March 2 episode, so it’s a fair guess we haven’t heard the last of the Aunt Marie’s old flame (Titus Welliver.)

Presuming, of course, he really is who he says he is.

Three Wesen conspire to rob a jeweler of some rare coins — three very specific rare coins, to be precise. These three coins seem to be related to Tolkien’s notorious ring, as they have a way of seducing the beholder, or the holder as it were, and giving them great influence over other people.

The coins the robbers are looking for aren’t in their spoils, and we later learn the jeweler swallowed them before his demise to hide them. Two robbers end up dead, and the third gets away after a mysterious stranger arrives, Farley Kolt (Welliver.)

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