Okay, obviously I have been a bit sporadic with this blog, starting and stopping several times. Well, now I'm getting back to this. For realsies. I have quite a backlog of photos and material to get me started, so some of the entries you'll be seeing will be a bit old. Some perhaps more than a bit.

Like this one.

But the point is to start posting consistently. Many will be photo only posts, but you will start seeing reviews and interviews here as well. But let's get back in the swing of things here with some photos of local band Vic Wayne and the Rockaholics at Blondies, New Year's Eve.

This was an opening act for Faster Pussycat, and hanging out at the venue, I felt I'd stepped straight into an eighties hairband time warp, complete with requisite "Rock Chix ™" in thigh high boots, mini skirts and Motley Crue-esque hair. Not exactly the golden age of feminism. It's a world where men are rock stars and babes are groupies.

I'm not saying that's good or bad, I'm just saying that's how it is. Judge its merit for yourself.