When I die, you can donate the rest of my body to science, but my feet go to Christian Louboutin. Please.


I have nothing against Taylor Swift — cute kid — but Stevie Nicks should never, EVER be referred to as her “backup” singer. No one puts Stevie in a corner.

Stevie Nicks Sings Backup for Taylor Swift at Grammy Awards.

If you do not own Belladonna, you need to buy it. Right now. I’m serious…right NOW.


I damn near wore this record out. In fact I am ordering a cd right now since I have parted with my vinyl collection. This is a 1981 release, and when I went to get a link for this post, it was ranked #1551. There’s a reason for that. Trust me.

“Gold Dust Woman” is, technically, a Fleetwood Mac song. But let’s face it, Fleetwood Mac was Stevie’s backup band. There I said it. Sue me.

And no one compares to Stevie in style, either.


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The woman who went from being a fabulous mess, to just fabulous, to just…a mess, Courtney Love’s trashy babydolls and vintage slips gave retro an edge. There are many style lessons in her old photos,  and especially this video for “Violet.”

YouTube Preview Image
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This is how you mix Bettie hair and Bette glamour.  I love a girl that can mix eras.


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