This will make some amazing boudoir shots – this is the real deal, no faux finishes here. The amount of oxidation puts this at an estimated 200+ years old! I found this on Craigslist from an antique dealer desperate for money who had it in a garage and was only asking $200.

I nearly soiled myself.

After I bought she told me she had listed the price for $1000 in her store, and at one time someone was going to buy it, but they mentioned they were going to paint it – she refused to sell! Please don’t paint over these wonderful patinas on your antiques, folks…for real.

This is one of the best vintage beds I have seen and oh man, is it heavy! I’m a strong girl (just moved my couch to the new studio by myself, thank you very much) and I’m not sure I won’t need help getting it into the loft.

This is oh-so-”Doll Parts.”

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