I’m now in Vegas and booking location shoots till I get my studio set up. I’ve had the studio on hold, but looking forward to getting back in the saddle again, and LOVING Vegas!



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More and more I am seeing a disturbing trend in pinup shoots – draping the American flag across the model or letting it touch the ground. I realize this is a generation gap thing, but what people don’t realize is this is a MAJOR breach of flag etiquette, and considered disrespecting the flag. You are NEVER supposed to let the flag touch the ground, (or use it as an article of clothing,) and if it does touch the ground, it must be burned. This is why they have the elaborate folding ceremony of the flag at funerals and when it is taken down.

Now, lest you think no one will care, I can assure you otherwise – I posted about this on a forum and sure enough, heard some tales of people sending troops pinups they thought were patriotic, but actually were deeply offensive to the servicemen for this reason.

So without directly embarrassing those who have made this error simply because they didn’t know better, I am posting it everywhere I can. Please pass on the word to photographers and models alike. I’m sure they would be quite embarrassed to get angry responses from soldiers for using it inappropriately.


This will make some amazing boudoir shots – this is the real deal, no faux finishes here. The amount of oxidation puts this at an estimated 200+ years old! I found this on Craigslist from an antique dealer desperate for money who had it in a garage and was only asking $200.

I nearly soiled myself.

After I bought she told me she had listed the price for $1000 in her store, and at one time someone was going to buy it, but they mentioned they were going to paint it – she refused to sell! Please don’t paint over these wonderful patinas on your antiques, folks…for real.

This is one of the best vintage beds I have seen and oh man, is it heavy! I’m a strong girl (just moved my couch to the new studio by myself, thank you very much) and I’m not sure I won’t need help getting it into the loft.

This is oh-so-”Doll Parts.”

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The studio location is set, but currently undergoing heavy renovations…more photos to come. But we are now in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Check back for specials and updates!


I have been busy adding product lines to the store lineup, and uploading images and information in preparation for an August opening. So far I have uploaded quite a few items from Too Fast Clothing, but many more coming soon, including: Hell Bunny, Sour Puss, Stop Staring, Lolita Girl and the Bettie Page line of clothing! Here’s a few samples of what you can expect:


I caught up with the boys in Grand Junction, CO for a little psychobilly fix out in the wild west.


This video is silent, and as such, you have to sort of be able to keep up, but if you can…ooh la la, how dramatic can you get? This is obviously a real pro at work.

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Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…and Lola wants to bring burlesque to Colorado, in a big way.

The First Annual Colorado Burlesque Festival debuts July 8 in Denver, with nearly 60 performances over four days including a Burlesque and Comedy extravaganza, a VIP evening, a main event, and a brunch, all hosted at The Curtis in downtown Denver. The event is organized by local burlesque queens Lola Spitfire, Honey Touche’, Fannie Spankings and Midnite Martini.

Spitfire, who resides in Colorado Springs, has a long history in the burlesque world, including founding the first and only burlesque, “boylesque,” vaudevillian variety troupe in southern Colorado — Peaks and Pasties. Despite being a regular performer in the Denver area with no shortage of available venues and recognition for her performances, Spitfire wanted to do something bigger and broader for other performers as well as herself.

“The idea of the festival was to bring recognition to the amazing burlesque, boylesque, vaudeville, variety, circus, drag and aerial performers in Colorado and to invite these same type of incredible performers to
Colorado for our locals to experience this internationally acclaimed entertainment,” she says.

Burlesque has seen a huge resurgence in the last several years, with most major cities hosting several performance groups. It’s fair to say it shows no signs of dwindling any time soon. Not that this surprises Spitfire.

“Burlesque has been around since the late 1800′s and the revival of the new burlesque has been around since the early 1990′s. This is not a trend, it’s a life style… it’s an undying form of entertainment.”

Her influences reflect the long rich history of the art, including Satan’s Angel, Blaze Starr, Dixie Evans, Julie Atlas Muz, and Indigo Blue. Satan’s Angel, The “Queen of the Fire Tassels,” began dancing in 1961, retired in 1985…and came out of retirement in 2002.  What better illustration that burlesque is an art that simply will not wither away. And transcends age, as well as size, gender and about any other classification or label you can try to place on it.

“Burlesque is growing and changing as we speak,” says Spitfire. “There is no limit to what you can do, it’s a creative dream come true. Burlesque will continue to blow our minds for years to come!”

The festival kicks off July 8 with Naughty Pierre’s Burlesque and Comedy Extravaganza at Lannies Clocktower Cabaret. Friday is a special VIP night, also at Lannies, then Saturday is the main event at Gothic Theatre, with over 30 performers scheduled that evening alone. Those who stay through Sunday can enjoy a pool party and merchandise bazaar at Wynkoop Brewery.

For Spitfire, finally bringing this event together is a dream come true.

“It’s exhilarating. I am blessed to be working with the best gals in the business. It’s exciting to produce and exciting to perform with such amazing talent. It’s going to be one helluva show!”

For ticket info and full details, visit www.blendyourlife.com/CBF/index.html.

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