Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m always going on about the Koffin Kats.

I swore to myself I wasn’t going to put up any more photos of them
for awhile, and especially of Vic Victor, but I mean, hey…look at the
pic, you know? This was the last stop of the Nekromantix, Koffin Kats,
Chop Tops show, and I would like to say Vic outdid himself, but
honestly, this is pretty much…par.

Now, a lot of people ask, is that blood real? First, let me tell you
not to ask Vic that. That drives him nuts, because yes, it is real. In
fact, Vic will tell you point blank the only blood you’ll ever see on
their stage is real — they don’t go for that fake blood shit so common
in psychobilly. How does he do this? Well, the boy has been smashing
beer cans into his head and has all these cuts in his scalp. So all he
has to do anymore is headbutt something or smack himself in the head,
and they open right up. FYI — for those who don’t know this, scalp
wounds bleed VERY dramatically, and look far worse than they are.  He’s
gonna be okay. Really.

Well, the cuts anyway. As for what is actually going through his head, rather than bleeding out of it — the jury’s still out.