I’m going to try to start putting more previously unposted photos up
here from shows, and this is one of locals Creepsville 666 when they
opened for the Nekromantix here in Phoenix Dec 16 at The Clubhouse.

When I first saw this band about a year and a half ago, they had a
very different line-up, with a different bass player and one less
guitarist. But Dez Cadaver left the Grave Slaves and joined the band,
and they’ve been sort of clawing their way up the ladder since.

One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered in the
psychobilly scene is how many people grew up with the same records I
did. When I first went to Geno’s myspace (pictured above) I was quite
shocked that his profile song for that particular day was Marty
Robbins’ "El Paso." I grew up on Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, Johnny
Cash…all the old country stars. And Elvis, of course. (Can’t forget
my mother’s Sun label Elvis singles.)

I can’t always hear those influences in most psychobilly, but I
guess they are sort of an underlying framework for the music for many
people I run into these days. Shortly after discovering Geno is a huge
Marty Robbins fan, The Chop Tops were playing here in Phoenix for the
Mad Sin show, and Sinner mentioned Marty Robbins, too. Small world. Who
woulda thought?

What is even weirder to me is how much I "hated" my mother’s music
then, and how much I love it now. It’s a shame she’s not here to share
it, because maybe we would have finally found some common ground.