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How to make a photographer happy

How to make a photographer happy

I got my copies of this month's Rebel Ink magazine with my Koffin Kats photos, and to say I'm pleased with their use of my work is pretty much the understatement of the century. I can't remember ever having not one criticism of how photos were used in the past....

A different kind of wolf, indeed

Thanks to my NBC Examiner gig, I got to interview Silas Weir Mitchell of "Grimm" this week. First and foremost, not only do I love this show, but I am convinced his character, Monroe, is the best character on TV right now. To say I was thrilled was an understatement....

New gig as NBC Examiner

New gig as NBC Examiner

I've added on a new title at Examiner.com as their National NBC Examiner. I freely admit I wanted it to just to get my grubby little paws on "The Voice," but am enjoying covering some other shows, like "The Biggest Loser," "Grimm," and oh yeah, that little show where...

New CMT Examiner

New CMT Examiner

I've returned to Examiner.com, which seems to be doing good things these days after a rocky patch a couple  of years ago, and happy to have come on board as their National CMT Examiner. At the moment, I'm mostly covering their original TV series, "Sweet Home Alabama,"...

“She’s Lipstick on Fire!”

“She’s Lipstick on Fire!”

My interview with Beverly McClellan, a Season 1 finalist for "The Voice," is up at Yahoo!TV. Ms. Beverly is quite a character, and was bursting with great quotes -- as I was transcribing the interview, I noticed I spent more time laughing than asking questions. Please...

Interview with Casey Weston up at Yahoo!

Interview with Casey Weston up at Yahoo!

I got to sit down and chat via phone with one my favorite contestants from Season 1 of "The Voice" and the interview is posted now here. Casey was somehow passed over on the initial auditions, which was definitely a mistake. Her rendition of Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy"...

In the Company of Women

I was thinking I was having trouble getting motivated to write during the Yahoo holiday because I'm spoiled by almost instant approval and pay, plus some extra hours I picked up at the day job...but I'm realizing as I sit down tonight working on my interview with The...

Movie Reviews at Yahoo! Movies

Movie Reviews at Yahoo! Movies

I'm now a featured contributor for the movie section at Yahoo! Voices and will be linking to them on this blog, as those are content created exclusively for Yahoo! Contributor Network. Here's a quick rundown of titles so far (CLICK ON THE TITLES FOR THE FULL REVIEW):...