If it wasn’t for “The Voice” I would have never discovered this man. Or been able to stomach some of the videos he made with his band – it’s obvious Adam Levine has a serious history of using videos as a thinly veiled excuse to roll around naked with models and for macho-man displays that make me cringe. (Except that one where his current girlfriend beats the crap out of him – that shit is FUNNY.)

I mean seriously, dude – you have such a girly voice – which is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but passing yourself off in videos as some badass just doesn’t work. It’s not your thang baby…it’s obvious you’re a lover not a fighter. Sort of…a white Prince. Except you don’t need to wear platform heels. And you shop in the men’s department (quite well I might add.)

So anyway, back to the voice (nice pun, huh). I love this freakin’ video. Not only does he look good, but he sounds damn good, too – trust me, you don’t need to mute this one, like that “Moves Like Jagger” shit. (Video can’t be embedded so you have to click on the link, but SO worth it. Trust me.)


This ain’t exactly terrible either (but the Al Green cover is better)

And for just full on eye candy (with only a little douchebaggery)

Oh Adam Levine, you’ve destroyed my indie street cred forever with your sexy soprano manliness. I hate myself for loving you.