Shanley Caswell may be in ‘Detention’ but she’s more than a scream queen

Teens and homicidal maniacs go together like peanut butter and chocolate in Hollywood, so “Detention” seems to be the latest in the string of slashers to hit the big screen when it premieres April 13th. But according to actress Shanley Caswell, it’s more than that. Like the films of John Hughes in the eighties, it makes some sharp commentary on the current generation, as well as having a little fun with the horror genre — think “Scream” meets “The Breakfast Club.”

“The film is representational of this generation, my generation, and how fast everything is moving,” said Caswell in a recent interview. “I grew up in a generation where we had the internet and Google and we can know anything that we wanted to know just by going on the worldwide web, and it’s definitely shows how fast kids are moving nowadays.

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‘The Crow’ Remake Survives Lawsuit

For those of you who hate seeing your favorite films remade, a bit of bad news: Relativity Media and the Weinstein Company have settled their lawsuit over rights to a remake of “The Crow,” green-lighting the project again. When will the needless remakes stop?

“The lawsuit between Relativity Media and the Weinstein Company concerning ‘The Crow‘ has been amicably settled out of court, and the parties will continue to work on the film together as planned,” reports The Wrap, from a statement released by both studios.

While details of the settlement weren’t disclosed, the metaphorical shoving match stemmed from the Weinsteins pointing their fingers at Relativity and telling the company it couldn’t sell the rights to “The Crow” to anyone else, alleging Relativity wasn’t honoring a deal for Hollywood heavy-hitters the Weinsteins to distribute it. Then the folks at Relativity stomped their feet and said they didn’t have the $70 million to release the film properly; they were less than pleased with the way the Weinsteins handled one of their previous releases, the musical “Nine,” which flopped terribly at the box office.

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The ‘Twilight’ Hater’s Guide to Manly Vampire Movies

Brace yourself for the mad hordes descending on malls everywhere in a few days at the stroke of midnight. Expect a deadly stampede as the doors open to the most anticipated day in November, at least if you’re pre-pubescent or simply have no taste in men.

I’m not talking about Black Friday, silly, but “Twilight” Thursday. Yes, Thursday at midnight is the official launch of yet another installment of the cash cow, I mean, masterful study of the duality of man and how he (or she, as it were) comes to grip with the eternal question that haunts us all: vampire boy or werewolf boy?

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‘I Melt With You’ Brutal and Brilliant

“I Melt With You” is breathtaking, heartbreaking, and a relentless reminder to choose your life wisely, lest those choices come back to haunt you. Your day of reckoning won’t be at the end, but about halfway through.

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Daniel Craig Brings Chilly Sex Appeal to Movies

I never thought there would be a sexier James Bond than Sean Connery, and wasn’t sure about the casting for the latest, icy-cool version. But I have to admit, since taking over as the new James Bond, this new guy has given us girls the ultra-suave tough guy to make us swoon. That’s right, you ladies know who I’m talking about: Craig … Daniel Craig.

And has he an early Christmas present for you, returning to the big screen December 21 as the man who works with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” — just another of his growing list of alpha male roles. After years of suffering so-called macho men like Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme (who I refer to as “Damme proud, Damme strong, Damme stupid”), we have the sophisticated machismo of Craig. Who knew icy blue could be so smokin’ hot?

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‘Melancholia’ Artfully Mixes Pain and Wonder

The sad truth is, one probably has to have — or, at least, have had — a little melancholia to understand “Melancholia.” It doesn’t draw tears, or make you laugh, or make you embrace life. It leaves you feeling sort of numb and empty — and alone. Yet it isn’t pure misery. As the characters watch that huge globe creeping up on Earth, it mixes a sense of wonder with the pain. And perhaps a peaceful resignation to the fate that eventually waits for all of us.

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‘Daybreaker': Putting the Bite into Noir

In “Daybreakers” the credits open with a desolate, apocalyptic cityscape, setting an all too familiar mood we’ve seen many times. But then the shades come up as the sun falls, and the city starts swingin’…this is a world where vamps rule the roost, and damn, they got style, baby, if in a rather cold, neo-noir kind of way. I was expecting “Blade,” but this is far more “Bladerunner,” right down to their glinty eyes.

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‘Killing Bono’ Mixes Nostalgia, Humor With Pain of Lost Dreams

“Killing Bono” may not be on the same brilliant level of “Almost Famous,” but its nostalgia, humor, and bittersweetness are like a worthy opening act to that superstar of a film. It’s a fine tribute to all those middle-aged suburbanites who have a footlocker tucked away somewhere with tattered t-shirts and homemade posters from shows in places unknown by bands that aren’t has-beens but never-wases.

Although most of us never came as close as the brothers McCormick. And thank your lucky stars for that.

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