I’m now a featured contributor for the movie section at Yahoo! Voices and will be linking to them on this blog, as those are content created exclusively for Yahoo! Contributor Network. Here’s a quick rundown of titles so far (CLICK ON THE TITLES FOR THE FULL REVIEW):


Killing Bono

Rock ‘n’ roll in the movies has run the gamut from (supposedly) true biopics like “The Doors” to (supposedly) fictionalized firsthand accounts such as “Almost Famous” to the gritty documentary “A Detroit Thing” documenting the rise of Kid Rock and the rival Detroit band, The Howling Diablos, that was left behind.

“Killing Bono” has a little bit of all of them at its core, but especially the latter. Despite similar plot lines to the painfully poignant Kid Rock/Howling Diablos documentary — seeing one band or person launch into fame and fortune while watching the other guys they grew up with come so close yet miss their big break and superstardom — “Killing Bono” is a much lighter movie and not so difficult to watch.

“Killing Bono” is based on the true story of Neil McCormick (Ben Barnes), who grew up in Dublin wanting to be a rock star, much like one of his destined-to-be-famous classmates, Paul Hewson. C’mon, you know him, right? OK, OK … maybe you know him better as Bono.


The only thing more complex than watching Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia” is reviewing it. I sat down to write this review with absolutely no idea what to say, or even what I felt after this movie, but this is what I can tell you. “Melancholia” is not the kind of movie you go see for mindless action. Or horror. Or humor. Or suspense.

Honestly, I don’t know what on earth you go to this movie for. In fact, the genres cited seem somewhat trivial to something so multi-layered and weighty. Which, I think, might sort of be its point: the triviality of, well, everything.

Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

Don’t get me wrong, as a hardcore horror buff since my preschool days, I understand the need for violence and gore at times. Hey, it’s horror, people. It’s not supposed to be pretty (unless you’re Dario Argento). But in a time when the bar has been so continuously raised for more blood! more gore! more violence!, are we finally reaching our limits?

The Twilight-Hater’s Guide to Manly Vampire Movies

Brace yourself for the mad hordes descending on malls everywhere in a few days at the stroke of midnight. Expect a deadly stampede as the doors open to the most anticipated day in November, at least if you’re pre-pubescent or simply have no taste in men.

I’m not talking about Black Friday, silly, but “Twilight” Thursday.