Well, not really, but yeah, some of you may recognize the dork shooting photos in this interview clip of Dez Fafara. And those who don't will now know why I work on the other side of the camera. Haha.

Anyway, more important than that, this is a great interview of DevilDriver's Fafara by my new media pal, James R. Chesna, and really illustrates what a great work ethic this band has. I admit I'm getting back into the metal scene after MANY years away (I last listened to Ozzy's "Blizzard of Oz"…when it first came out) so I'm still getting to know the new metal bands musically, but really like this band on a personal level. Hard working guys with none of the ego bullshit, living their dream on the road and not in a five-star-hotel-glamorous way.

This is what's it's all about kids. People who do it for the love of it and not to become famous or have a gazillion dollar house.

I especially like this taken from their myspace:

"Since first forming in 2003, the Santa Barbara metal quintet has
stuck resolutely to this mission, even though it's often meant
traveling a rougher, less glamorous road than most musicians would
prefer to endure. Rather than cashing in on the popularity of his
previous successes, frontman Dez Fafara
insisted from
the get-go that DevilDriver should not only forge their own unique
sound, but should also start at the proverbial bottom of the bill and
work their way up through endless touring, earning the music world's
respect one fan at a time.

"I get that hard-working attitude from my father," says Dez. "I
believe in gnawing at the bit, you know? It's taken its toll on us,
sure – but hard work, road work and belief in ourselves is what we're
based on."

Preach it, brother…

Here's a few live shots from Friday…

Devildriver00077 Devildriver00088 Devildriver00090 Devildriver00074