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Jan 112012

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I normally steer pretty wide around the Grammys, cynical old broad I tend to be, but this year I got myself tangled in what I have now dubbed Chorney-gate. For those who don’t know, there is a segment of the Americana crowd in an uproar about the nomination of a previously unknown artist, Linda Chorney, in that category. Sure, there are disagreements with the nominees every year, but this “debate” has taken on a particularly nasty, personal tone that is downright appalling — some are going as far as calling for Chorney to give up her nomination.

Imagine if you will, working at your music for 30 years in relative obscurity, getting the chance to make the album you always wanted to make in a last-ditch-hail-Mary twist of fate, getting a nod for that album with one of the greatest recognitions in music…then getting kicked mercilessly by the very community that is supposed to be about embracing the “outsider.”

Of course, also imagine you’ve been around the block long enough to not really give a shit. That’s obviously the kinda gal I want to talk to, and I did here.

You know, some people won’t like her music, and that’s okay. I am critical of things as well, whether music or movies or whatever. But one thing I can tell you — observing this whole mess has been a sharp reminder to keep in mind that these things we critique are often something a person put their heart and soul into. And anytime someone does that, the least we can do is dislike it or disagree with it respectfully.

* I cannot lay claim to the clever headline, which I blatantly stole from this guy.

 January 11, 2012  Posted by livenuncensored Behind the Scenes  Add comments

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