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Hey everyone…I am re-branding my former Mayhem Media site to here and this is still under construction. When I started Mayhem Media, it was to focus on punk, rockabilly/psychobilly, metal music and horror stuff. The name worked for that. But I have evolved a little (okay more than a little) and find myself focusing more on country and Americana music as well, seeing as how I grew up with all those old country classics. I felt that A) the name didn’t work with such a varied genre coverage and B) the horror just didn’t work any more period and needs a different blog if I pursue that.

A fellow Yahoo!Voices contributor suggested this name, or its specific spelling, so I could grab the holy grail of domain extensions, the “dot com.” I have moved all my old posts from Mayhem Media here (music anyway) but still have a lot of housekeeping to do. Namely, a logo and blog header. And also cleaning up all those darn garbage links in my sidebar and adding some useful stuff. You can expect that shortly after the first of the year.

I will also likely be posting more news via my endless stream of pres releases, but featuring the original stuff in my slideshow at the top. Probably the biggest resolution or goal for this year is to add a podcast – could a music blog be any more of a great forum for a podcast? Yes, Virginia, that is a rhetorical question.

Please feel free to give suggestions and comments, but dear spammers – your comments are SO not getting approved. And if you are a label of PR company, please add me to your mailing list at the email below (note “and” is spelled out – my spelling wasn’t available on AOL, go figure) live and uncensored [at] aol [dot] com.

And to start off the new year, I have to tell y’all this is seriously exciting for me – I grew up with this album, and just found and bought a copy on ebay. How cool is this? I’m stoked to get it. I suppose this means I need to buy a turntable?

 December 30, 2011  Posted by livenuncensored Random Notes  Add comments

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