"The Gag Reel" is going to be a new category of outtakes and behind
the scenes shots, and will go up…whenever I feel like it. And have

And oh LORD do I have material from Sunday night. And some of it I can even show in public. 😉

We went to the Kats’ hotel after the last stop on the
Nekromantix/Koffin Kats/Chop Tops tour. Several locals in attendance,
including Johnny from Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs, and their
manager, who graciously hosted all of us drunken buffoons; Nick and
Juan from the Limit Club; and Paul Roman from The Quakes. Sinner from
the Chop Tops popped in for a bit, and of course, the Koffin Kats and
their road guys Joey and Michael (E-Ball Walls little bro.)

Let me explain what I didn’t know before this. We had a band in
Tucson named the Demon City Wreckers, whose singer, Jason Blood, passed
away about a year ago. Apparently one of the ways the boys pay tribute
to him (and there are many) is to drop their pants? I don’t know why,
as I never met the man — DCW were on my list of bands to see…but I
never made it in time. But suffice it to say there’s a hella lot of
love for the guy around these parts. And that it is often expressed in
very strange ways still a mystery to me.

So, here are a few of my favorites of the night:


Gagreel000063_3 Gagreel000053_3

Gagreel000087_3 Gagreel000076_3

Oops…just realized Tommy was sort of exposing himself in the deleted photo. My bad.

Gagreel000044_4 Gagreel000077_3


A few observations:

This was just wrong. You have a beautiful girl on the bed, posing
provocatively, and the boys are…horsing around, oblivious.
Guys…what’s up with that?

Vic was really impressed with the strength of the guy lifting him. None of the rest of us were.

Every time I get out my camera, someone in the Koffin Kats starts taking clothes off.

And I think we know the REAL reason Vic likes to head butt things
and make himself bleed — chicks dig it. And he digs that they dig it,
from the look on his face.