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My pal Nick Feratu of The Limit Club just did a podcast with Blaqart Radio worth checking out. I've always said I've met few with such a vast knowledge of music from so many eras and genres, and this show is another example of that.

Listen to Blaqart Radio Episode 38 – "Cutthroat Business 1" online:
Featuring Nick Feratu from The Limit Club

To download this episode simply click on the picture!

To download this episode simply click on the picture!

hosted by Steven Blaqart along with Nick Feratu of The Limit Club… we spin a couple of our favorite hits from the lesser known.

The Limit Club – You're Doomed If You're A Clone – Phantom Cats
The Quakes – Time Wasters – Negative Charge
Asmodeus – House of doors – Diggin' Up The King
The Sinisters – Creepy – Terminal Volume
Flesh Eaters – Poison Arrow – A Hard Road to Follow
The Judas Bunch – Fuck the Police – Unknown
The Revillos – Rock-A-Boom – Rev Up
Sisters Of Mercy – Alice – Some Girls Wander By Mistake

Contact Nick Feratu : thelimitclub@gmail.com
Contact Steven Blaqart : stevelknevil@yahoo.com

Another example of the sorry ass state of “rock and roll”

Does anyone out there just care about making great music more than being "rock stars?" Of course, yes, some do, hence this particular blog. But really, this takes the cake.

Groupies (Metro Detroit)

Reply to: emailaddressdeleted [?]
Date: 2009-02-05, 3:48PM EST

One of Metro Detroits Finest Rock and Roll bands is looking for groupies,

Free drinks, photos in local mag`s, never a cover charge

free entry into bigger venues, Emerald,I-Rock,Token ect.

We need up beat females to be loud and proud at our shows

Location: Metro Detroit

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: no pay

I'm all  about trying to be successful and grooming an image, but, call me old fashioned…seems to me like groupies should be earned. I mean, damn, some things in rock and roll must be kept sacred, don't you think?

2008 IPA Photography Awards

I would be a liar if I didn't admit to being terribly disappointed to
be shut out of the top three awards in the Music category for
non-professionals, but the quality of the winners was pretty damn high,
and helped alleviate my disappointment (there was a kick ASS shot of
Eugene from Gogol Bordello standing on a drum held by fans). I wish I
could have entered a lot more photos, but the entry fees made that
cost-prohibitive as I was trying to pay for them all at once, but I
will be entering throughout the year this year, and I can go back to
enter some older stuff too as there is no time limit. Nearly everything
I entered placed honorable mention, except two photos, and one set
inexplicably got a nod in one category, but not the other – SxHxSxLx
was recognized in People – Lifestyle, but NOT Music. Go figure.

of note: in the Deeper Perspective category, my boys the Koffin Kats
were competing against major photo essay topics on a global scale…you
know, like serious documentary photography stuff. So I think it's
pretty cool a band set got in there. Anyway, as prestigious as this
competition is, placing an honorable mention is pretty damn good, and I
did that in several categories:

DIANA PRICE entry 53265 – Title: Retro Glamour – PHOENIX, US

THE DEEPER PERSPECTIVE CATEGORY (Where you write a short essay with the photos to explain the story)
DIANA PRICE entry 53650 – Title: Koffin Kats Live – PHOENIX, US

Koffin Kats have toured almost nonstop for two years. And when I say,
"toured," I'm not talking about five star hotels, luxury buses and
roadies doing all the work. I'm talking about three guys living in a
van, setting up their own equipment, sleeping on fans' floors, then
getting up and doing it all again the next day, often for barely enough
money to make it to the next gig. They sacrifice homes, family and
friends for the love of their music. This is the real spirit of rock
and roll — the thing you won't find on MTV or American Idol. So get
off the couch and see it up close. Get sweat on, spit on and knocked
around the pit. Because rock and roll is NOT dead. It's in some seedy
dive bar down the street. Where's it's always been. And where it always
will be.






DIANA PRICE entry 53650 – Title: Koffin Kats Live – PHOENIX, US

DIANA PRICE entry 48936 – Title: Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs CD shoot – PHOENIX, US





DIANA PRICE entry 49798 – Title: The Circle Jerks – PHOENIX, US






DIANA PRICE entry 53265 – Title: Retro Glamour – PHOENIX, US
DIANA PRICE entry 53784 – Title: Band of Brothers – PHOENIX, US





DIANA PRICE entry 53746 – Title: Sarah – PHOENIX, US


DIANA PRICE entry 48924 – Title: The Dollyrots – PHOENIX, US


DIANA PRICE entry 49798 – Title: The Circle Jerks – PHOENIX, US

DIANA PRICE entry 53274 – Title: Koffin Kats – promo – PHOENIX, US

DIANA PRICE entry 53650 – Title: Koffin Kats Live – PHOENIX, US
DIANA PRICE entry 53784 – Title: Band of Brothers – PHOENIX, US

Photo of the Day – The Fed-Ups


The Fed-Ups were one of the first local punk bands I started coming
out to see, and they remain a favorite, even though I haven’t seen them
for a while (something I must remedy soon.) Jen is their drummer, and
they now advertise themselves as "3 dicks and a chick." A chick that
can beat the shit out of those drums, I might add.

This was shot at Jugheads the night of Labor Party’s cd release. This is a classic, punk dive bar.

Photo of the Day – Creepsville 666


I’m going to try to start putting more previously unposted photos up
here from shows, and this is one of locals Creepsville 666 when they
opened for the Nekromantix here in Phoenix Dec 16 at The Clubhouse.

When I first saw this band about a year and a half ago, they had a
very different line-up, with a different bass player and one less
guitarist. But Dez Cadaver left the Grave Slaves and joined the band,
and they’ve been sort of clawing their way up the ladder since.

One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered in the
psychobilly scene is how many people grew up with the same records I
did. When I first went to Geno’s myspace (pictured above) I was quite
shocked that his profile song for that particular day was Marty
Robbins’ "El Paso." I grew up on Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, Johnny
Cash…all the old country stars. And Elvis, of course. (Can’t forget
my mother’s Sun label Elvis singles.)

I can’t always hear those influences in most psychobilly, but I
guess they are sort of an underlying framework for the music for many
people I run into these days. Shortly after discovering Geno is a huge
Marty Robbins fan, The Chop Tops were playing here in Phoenix for the
Mad Sin show, and Sinner mentioned Marty Robbins, too. Small world. Who
woulda thought?

What is even weirder to me is how much I "hated" my mother’s music
then, and how much I love it now. It’s a shame she’s not here to share
it, because maybe we would have finally found some common ground.