Mad Sin live


I haven’t shot bands regularly for a while now, but I still have archives of RAW images that have never been gone through, like this set from Mad Sin. Here are  just a few I found on a quick scan of the RAW files. I really need to work on editing these psychobilly bands down for a big project I’m working on.

Promos for The Devil Wears Prada

For those aspiring to be music photographers, or those just curious, when you get the chance to shoot promos of the bigger bands passing through, you generally get about 15 minutes of the band’s time to get the job done. Mind you, to the lay person, that may sound like a long time for a couple of “snapshots,” but remember you are trying to wrangle a group of strangers into one shot where they all look good. Or at least interesting.

Fortunately, the guys in The Devil Wears Prada are old pros at this, so when I said, “Hi, I’m Diana, line up here and go crazy,” they did. And we did a few serious ones too, but as soon as I saw this first one (frame #5, btw) I knew I had it.


Airbourne Indeed

Is it just me, or is this band the heir apparent to AC/DC? I have to admit when I saw the over-the-top, rock-star-posturing photos, I almost thought this was a parody. Ah sure, they sound an awful lot like Brian Johnson-era AC/DC, but hey, most of AC/DC’s songs sound a lot alike too, and we don’t mind because they kick ass, and it looks like these guys do, too.

I wanna party with these guys. For real.

I have a feeling Airbourne is a band one needs to see live.

Avenged Sevenfold Live

Lighting on this one was tough – very low and super saturated color. Of course, that makes it tougher, but more…atmospheric, right? At least that’s how I console myself with tough lighting conditions.

I’m especially fond of this one for some reason – I like the highlight in the glasses, and the flag reflection with the stripes in his jacket. Plus it’s dark and moody compared to some of the super bright shots I get of bands.

Halestorm Rocks Uproar Fest

The Uproar Fest metal crowd – used to dramatic entrances – almost doesn’t notice when Lzzy Hale quietly walks on stage to start the Halestorm set a cappella. As soon as she steps on stage, it’s hard not to think of Pat Benatar, with her shag cut and physical resemblance.

And when she starts to sing, it’s impossible not to think of Benatar. This lady’s got the pipes.

Halestorm opened the main stage for this years Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Fest, which is a pretty amazing feat, given the band only recorded their first full length album back in 2008. Of course, the road to that first studio record was a bit longer – Lzzy formed the band back in 1998 with her brother, drummer Arejay Hale, when they were in middle school. They paid their dues on their local Pennsylvania circuit, honing their sound and lineup before getting serious about hitting the studios looking for a deal.

Their work paid off – they signed with heavy hitter Atlantic Records and released an EP with them in 2005, and went on the road with Shinedown, Seether, Flyleaf, and Trapt. Their self-titled debut album features the first single, the provocatively titled, “I Get Off.” According to the band’s official website, “On that song,” says Lzzy, “I reach outside of myself and explore sexuality. It also has this crazy metaphor of me getting off on the crowd getting off on me.”

Halestorm – Images by Diana Price

And the crowd most certainly did, proving why this band is rising fast on the charts. Not mention one of the best vocalists on the metal scene today.


* “It’s Not You”

* “What Were You Expecting”

* “Dirty Work”

* “Familiar Taste of Poison”

* “Nothing To Do With Love”

* “I Get Off”