I am the first to admit I'm terrible at keeping up with more commercial, mainstream music. So even though this band has a song on the latest Underworld movie soundtrack and is opening for Combichrist, I had not heard of them before this show.

I love the old school "goth" favorites like The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy. I love the movie "The Crow."

But when Black Light Burns took the stage in makeup, bassist Jr's was very reminiscent of a Brandon Lee look, and I was annoyed. My expectations were lowered to anticipation of gothy cliches and emo-ness. I may have been shooting with my camera, but inside, I was figuratively crossing my arms and tapping my foot. Especially when they launched into a cover of the Sisters "My Lucretia."


I didn't like the makeup. I still don't. But, I have to say, Black Light Burns is a nice blend of electro rock with roots in old school goth. Their "Lucretia" cover paled in comparison to the original, but honestly, whose wouldn't? I found their set growing on me, despite my prejudice against the Crow-ish makeup of the bassist and the outright strange makeup and crazy moustache of vocalist Wes Borland (of Limp Bizkit) — the songs and the band's performance are high energy but with a bit if a dark edge.

Vocalist Wes Borland worked the crowd and drenched them, throwing more water than he drank. Guitarist Nick Annis (NOT the folk singer, thank you) was mesmerizing me with that crazy ass mane of hair of his.

Okay, I admit they put in a respectable "Lucretia" cover. And I particularly liked the Underworld track "I Want You To."

Black Light Burns walks a fine line bewteen techno electro pop and old school goth. It's rather catchy I must say. And not a bit emo.

Thank god.